I appreciate that finances can be tight,  new patients / customers may be harder to come by and existing patients / customers are more difficult to retain but there is an activity that businesses really cannot afford to stop and that is marketing.

Failure to attract enough patients / customers is the biggest cause of business failures full stop.  Being good at what you do is not enough. You also need to be good at attracting new patients / customers and retaining existing patients / customers for your business to prosper.

Below are four reasons why you can never stop marketing your small business.


1. Its not a quick fix

If you are intent on building your business you should appreciate that marketing should not be considered a quick fix. It must be thought of as a long term activity.  Many people have compared marketing to a marathon rather than a sprint – a triathalon is perhaps more appropriate!


2. Cumulative Benefits

If you are fortunate enough to be the owner of a business that has grown significantly over the last few years, can you pinpoint exactly when you had the breakthrough? Can you trace it to a particular tweet, exhibition stand? Email newsletter? The answer for most is probably no and that’s because you were engaged in a continuous process of marketing – its benefits are cumulative.


3. Your competitors

Do you think that your competitors will stop their marketing too? It’s unlikely.


4. Do you want your business to grow?

If you do – marketing will be an integral part of the growth process. You’ll need your target audience(s) to be aware of the products / services you offer – not only in your local area but also nationally and perhaps internationally. [...]