I’m often asked “where do I start with a Marketing Strategy”

Good question, it can be baffling!  Here are a few things you should think about:-


 What are your strengths?

What are the strengths of your product or service (ie, high quality, unique, cost-effective, etc)?
How does your product or service compare to your competitors’?

What could you improve?

Are there any aspects of your product or service which are weak?
Have your customers complained about any aspect of your offer?

 What obstacles are there?

What is preventing you from implementing your marketing plan (ie, money, time, resources, etc – think about internal and external obstacles)?

What are your business objectives?

What are your objectives as a business? Try to make these both specific and realistic.
What are your deadlines for each objective?
What resources do you have to help you fulfil your objectives?
What extra resources will you need to help you fulfil your objectives?

Who are your target customers?

What do you know about them (ie, where do they live? What age/gender are they? What sort of income do they earn? What other products do they buy)?
Where are they likely to find out about your product or service?
How do they prefer to buy your product or service (eg, face-to-face, online, etc)?
Which are the most profitable customers?
Which could become more profitable customers?

What products or services can you offer your target customers?

What products or services can you offer each of your customer groups in order to achieve your objectives?

 How can you encourage these people to take up the offer?

What aspect of your product or service will be most attractive to each of your target customer groups?
Will you need to offer them an incentive to take up your offer?

How will you [...]