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Two Reasons To Use Social Media In Your Practice

1   It Will Enhance Your Brand Awareness

You can use social platforms to let people know of your brand and hopefully follow it.  Brand awareness isn’t a short term goal and it definitely doesn’t have an instant ROI.  It’s the consistent actions that you take every day towards letting people know why your Practice is so special and why they should care, this is what will make a difference in in the long run.  Your updates should provide great value and always try to teach people something about your brand & Practice.
2   You Can Protect Your Reputation

One of the best uses of social media is to monitor and manage your reputation.   I’m sure you’ve heard many stories of how one simple tweet from an angry customer got viral and ruined the reputation of even the biggest brands.  Unfortunately, no one is immune to this, and that’s why you need to protect your brand if you want your business to survive.   Social media is like a giant amplifier, and you surely don’t want to say or do the wrong thing.  A great way to protecting your reputation is having  “Brand Advocates”.  These people are the ones that will spread the good word about your Practice and also defend you against any non-constructive negative feedback. These people are probably the ones you helped the most, and they feel responsible to defend you and say good things about you in case of crisis.  The biggest mistake that you can do in social media is to ignore negative feedback.   Remember that no matter how great your products or services are, there will always be complaints either legitimate or not.  You should admit if you’ve [...]

Competitions / GiveAways on Social Media


Think about both rewarding your loyal followers, fans, and readers of your social media accounts as well as building you new audiences with a Competition / GiveAway.  This can be done by creating a competition on Social Media platforms (read through terms and conditions of social media platforms first), ideally themed on your business offerings, to help build quick and interactive activity… Ideas include submitting photos and choosing the best, asking for catchphrases and again selecting the best or ask your clients to send through ideas on how you can improve your business and the best once again wins a set prize.

This kind of activity where your audiences stand to win a physical product or a service increases their motivation to share your brand or indeed connect their social media profile and submit email addresses for you to collate.

Think viral for competitions, the better the prize and the better engagement you have requested for their entry, then the higher likely that your content / competition / giveaway will reach audiences far beyond your own reach…

Don’t Be Afraid Of Putting Yourself Out There!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Haters

Haters are going to be out there. The worst thing you can do is not be on social media because you are afraid of putting yourself out there.  Haters hate, there is nothing you can do about it.

Build Relationships

Marketing and social media specifically is all about building relationships. By knowing your audience and making a step into learning about them they are going to feel wanted, respected and heard. These are all things humans need. If you can do it socially, you are going to see loyalty and word of mouth in your favor. It’s a must!

Do Have Something To Share

This is the most important point. If you don’t have something to share you are not going to succeed on social media.  Blogging gives you the best type of content to share. Not only will it drive traffic back to your site, but it allows others to share from your site as well. Now that’s a win win situation!