Your Message Of The Post Matters!

Humor, inspiration and positivity are the most liked and engaged with content on Facebook.  By keeping things positive you can encourage shares, comments and likes.
Make sure you ask questions and tell stories to encourage commenting and interaction with your page.
Don’t make your post too long or you will loose the attention of your audience.

Remember Facebook Users Love Links!

Links allow you to give people more information and a way to get users on your site.
Don’t shorten your link, people can then know exactly where the content is coming from.

Timing Is Everything

Make sure you are sharing when people are online. You can find out the exact time frame through Facebook analytics.
If you have a national and international audience think about sharing during the peak times for both audiences.

Engage With Your Audience

Comment on your own post to get the conversation started.
Always comment and reply to others to keep the conversation going.
Comment again after the Facebook posts starts to loose it’s viral appeal to boost it up again.