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Benefits of Social Networking on Facebook

In today’s world if you’re not ‘on-line’ then you’re seriously lacking the cool factor.  Most people, when they want information, head straight for the internet. With the increasing popularity of Facebook people now head straight to Facebook if they want to know more about a business.

Viral marketing is word of mouth on speed. Take advantage and get your name out there fast and to lots of people. Create an excitement about your Practice that will result in people not being able to resist wanting to be your Facebook friend and patient.

Do you know how your patients view your Practice?  Tell people more about your Practice by using  Facebook.  It is easy to use and people will like reading about your Practice and your brand.

Facebook is a comfortable and user friendly platform that people are happy to use which is why it is a great way to get patient feedback. Use your wall to ask questions and see what responses you get.  It also gives you the opportunity to speak directly to patients about any of their comments.

Humanise Your Practice:
Put a face, or many faces, to your Practice. This will allow your current and future patients to see you and know exactly who they’re dealing with. Placing photos of Practice events, employees performing their jobs or happy patient pictures will humanise your Practice to those looking for dental services.

Facebook also has an option for businesses who want to reach an exact audience and connect with real people. Facebook advertising is a newer element to Facebook and is a paid service which is quick and easy, targeted to your exact demographic and tracked so you can see the [...]

It’s All About Balance

Is your customer service house in order, do you have a high-quality offering and are you committed to continuous improvement? Yes?  Then you have nothing to feel sheepish about and should be advertising this on Social Media!

Everybody is raving about the benefits of being on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, but is it working for you? No? Then maybe the following relate to you……..


 *You sell too hard, and too soon – We’ve all walked into a shop and been pounced on by a sales assistant, right? It’s not great. It feels clumsy and obtrusive, despite the fact that the assistant probably had the best of intentions. Doing something similar on social media is worse. At least when you walk into a shop there’s a chance you want to buy something. If I decide to connect with you online there could be a host of reasons why I’ve done so. Wait until you have a clue what they could be before you start with your sales patter. Buying online may not be one of them. Yet.

 *You want me to validate myself – OK, so nobody likes a spambot, but you’re a business; do you really expect that people should be willing to jump though a virtual burning hoop to prove that they’re real before you decide whether to follow them? Really? Doesn’t a quick glance at their profile tell you all you need to know at this stage? My advice is to drop the validation service if you’re a business; it sends out a message of mistrust from the outset.

 *You don’t know me – The biggest mistake you can ever make when trying to sell to anyone is to not have taken the time first to [...]