Patients are no longer required to pick up the phone or send an email to learn more about you, your Practice or service.  They are actively researching, listening and learning about you in real-time.

However, gaining a loyal following is easier said then done. Below are some simple tactics to get more followers!

1. Share Quality Content

While this one should go without saying, it is always worth repeating. Quality content gives people a reason to share, comment and come back for more.

Social Media offers a platform where being a little controversial might be a great way for you to start a dialog. The important component is to always put the needs of your followers first.

2. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags to find people and topics centered around subjects you are interested in.

3. Brand Your Channels

Take advantage of the customisation options including a branded background, adding your professional head shot and filling out your bio.

Take your time to carefully write a bio that expresses who you and your team are, be authentic. Take your offline personality and accurately convey that.

4. Get Engaged

Get involved in conversations and make it a point to stay actively engaged. It’s not enough to schedule a few posts. You must begin to create conversation.

Ask questions and craft them in a way that they are worth replying to.  Reply in kind and open the lines of communication.

5. Don’t Haphazardly Follow

Be strategic in who you follow. What is your niche, passion, favorite pastime or hobby? Follow people that share information similar to what you find interesting.

6. Be Helpful

If you are only using social media to push out your marketing message, you are missing a huge opportunity. It allows you to offer great content that provides a benefit. Share [...]