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Foundations Of Your Marketing Messages

Here are seven components of a solid marketing message.

You can use these eight  in other areas such as titles or short messages (think Twitter). When you begin communicating your messages from your patient’s view, your marketing will become easier and more effective.

The Hook

Thisis how you grab the attention of your audience and make them want to consume the rest of your message. The hook understands the need to make an impact in a few moments to keep your reader from moving on. You can use it as a question, “Did you know?.” If you use this format, make sure the anwer isn’t “yes or no.” Make it more engaging. You can also use a revelation, something that isn’t common knowlege or something that could be bad if it isn’t changed.

The Promise

Engage your readers’ imagination. Here is where you bring in “what’s in it for me.”  e.g. In this video I’m going to show you…(immediacy) how to do…(value)…an outcome.

The Circumstance

Begin to link where your reader is today with the promise (read more here). Begin to quailfy if the message is for them… if you don’t like to smile in photographs, if you suffer with teeth sensitivity, etc. Build upon the promise here and start to hint at how the promise will help them remove themselves from the circumstance or move to a circumstance they prefer.

The Reason

Why should I pay attention? What are you going to tell me? What value is there for me? Here is where you begin the main meal. “The reason we’re here today…” Use justification. I’ve cured 60% of my patients from obesity isn’t interesting, that could be luck. Remember to include immediacy, what is the value now?

Ownership Experience

This should be the [...]

YouTube Video Optimisation Tips

YouTube has its own algorithm and there are some things you need to be doing that will help you get more views, exposure and make your video easier to find on YouTube.


1. You Need A Descriptive Title

YouTube is a search engine. You need to have the right title to get found for the right things. The title is the most important thing to consider. They should include keywords that you want to get found on their own and that relate to other titles that you want to be shown with.

 2. You Must Include Keyword Focused Description

This is your opportunity to include keywords and text to help you get found on Google and YouTube. Some people translate their whole video into text for extra emphasis and more keywords. You can do this too. But the most important thing is to add a keyword focused description that allows people to take a quick glance and want to watch more.

 3. Don’t Forget Appropriate Tags

Tags like on blogs help you get your content in the right area of YouTube. You need to choose the right ones.  If you get too many thumbs downs on videos your video will get buried. The same goes for the category. Make sure you choose the right category or you may be stuck in no man’s land.

 4. Never Overlook Links

This is something that too many people forget. You need to have a link back to your site in the first sentence of the description. You want to make it as easy for someone to head on over to your full site to learn more.