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There is one more element that your social media sites should point to, and that is your blog. Your blog is “the world according to you.” It fills your followers in on any news, any technique or advanced clinical training you have. It has been proven that those who post blogs on a regular basis are the ones who attract and retain new qualified patients the quickest.

With the millions of people using social media, there are bound to be many who will be searching for a topic you have expertise in. This realisation could not be more timely or true than it is right now with Google focusing all their search results on local businesses. If Google, for example, knows a searcher is in Wirral it will display “dentists Wirral” with more priority than ever before. Those in your own local area will now be more likely to run across your blog posts, videos, articles, and other related information.
Your Patients Are Searching For Solutions

It is the dentist with the expertise who answers a prospective patient’s question who will be remembered. No, they may not call today, but when the need arises they will remember you. It is setting yourself up as the “go to” dentist so that down the road when someone needs you, they’ll remember you.

Photos Spark the Most Engagement on Twitter

Photos were the most common type of Tweet  in 2014 and caused the highest share of engagement.

• Photos made up 45% of sent Tweets, but accounted for 51% of all engagement.
• Links accounted for 37% of sent Tweets, but were only responsible for 26% of @replies and Retweets.

From this we can gather that visual content on Twitter drives engagement, and top brands are capitalising on this, while links under perform
in terms of traditional engagement metrics (Retweets, @Replies, and favorites).

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