Page Like Ads do exactly what you would expect – they get new people to like your business page.

Why would you pay for people to like your page?

Well the key is in the targeting, and the quality of the likes you are getting. You want people who like your page to be potential patients for your Practice.  You certainly don’t want to pay for somebody in Devon to like your page if you are based in Glasgow – they might love your posts but they probably aren’t going to travel all that way to visit your Practice for treatment.

How to Target Your Facebook Page Like Ads
Remember that numbers are not the main thing- this is one area where quality is much more important than quantity. Targeting is an integral part of the process of setting up your Page Like Ads- choose your ideal potential new customers based on:-

Location – country, county, within 10 miles of your location and more options
Interests – this is a big one for most Facebook Advertisers
Other Facebook Pages that people already like
Online Behaviour

If you still feel overwhelmed and confused with social media marketing, I can help.  Contact me at for information on how I can help grow your practice.