Your Practice’s personality and profile need to be represented on-line as does your Brand.  This can help people to buy into your team and your Practice.  Understanding social media and it’s uses for your Brand & image is the key to success!


Used by business’ to encourage loyalty through “followers” and “likes”.  Great for Sharing images and expanding brand awareness.


Used by professionals to increase visability, leverage professional relationships, find employees and get peer support & referrals.


Has great integration for websites, Google maps and analytics and very useful for SEO too.


A micro blogging site.  Allows bite sized updates in real time and people can “follow”.  Used by business’ to create hype, raise awareness and follow progress of events and interests etc


2nd largest search engine after Google! Allows users to watch & upload videos.  Used by Business’ for advertising, training, promotions, interviews etc.  Allows you to show what your Practice does rather than telling!


Tips For Using These Platforms!

Remember knowledge is only powerful when shared, so remember to pass it on.
Always post something original where you can.  Be the firs to share!
Be human.  Your on-line personality should reflect who you are.
Emotion online matters! Put a bit of yourself into your Brand.
Pay attention. Quick responses are expected especially for customer service