Love or hate social media, there’s no getting away from it especially when it comes to business. In a world of selfies and likes, your brand needs to have a good presence across all of the different platforms to ensure that you are engaging with both existing and potential customers.

Twitter and Facebook are the most prominent social networking sites but in recent times Instagram and Snapchat have become increasingly popular, which tells a story in itself. Both of these are purely for image sharing, which has fuelled our love of photos. Think about the things you stop to pay attention to when you’re scrolling through your timelines, more often than not it will be an interesting image or video that has caught your eye rather than lots of text.

Grab their attention!

This is why it is so important to use good images and videos on your business page’s social media; they can really grab attention in a way that’s interesting and engaging to the people that you’re trying to reach. Most of us use social media to kill some time and we’ll only stop scrolling for something that resonates with us, and your customers are no different.

Think about what they would like to see and tailor your posts in a more attractive way. There’s nothing wrong with using images taken on your phone from events or behind the scenes of your business, customers love this so don’t be shy! If you are using stock images stick to sites like Shutterstock (paid for images) or Pixabay (free images) where you can use the pictures for commercial use without any attribution.

Don’t forget about videos, these are a great way of displaying the parts of your business that [...]