How do I run a successful social media campaign?

A common question that I get asked is: How do I run a successful social media campaign?

Social media marketing for business is using the power of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in order to advertise / promote your brand. You are able to collate target audiences across these social sites meaning that visitors pushed through are usually highly targeted thus these visitors are more likely to turn into paying customers than non target visitors who find your site via a semi related search engine query.

Things for you to consider in order to run a successful social media campaign:

Professional branding for your pages and completed profiles. Make sure your branding conveys your business professionally and make sure that is replicated across each social media platforms you use.

Post regular updates. Make sure you are active daily and are posting quality and engaging content. Try not to sell too much and think about educating your followers on your product / service.

Be social and build relationships.

Embrace interaction. Invite feedback for your brand, ask people’s opinions and respond to these fast! People like to engage with those who produce the services / products that they purchase. Surveys and competitions are also a great way build interaction.

If you would still like some help please give me call I would be happy to discuss :)


I just had to blog about this!!!!

Following on from my blog yesterday in which I talk about social media give aways / competitions, I had an experience yesterday which ties in nicely.

Before Christmas, I liked and shared a status on Facebook that a friend of mine had already done.  It was for a hair & beauty salon in Oxton, Wirral called Gossip.  The prize was to win one of their treatments.  A couple of days later I was lucky enough to receive a message informing me that I had won and a list of possible treatments I could choose.  I was delighted and asked for their hot stone massage and booked in for yesterday.  Then I realised that after a massage I would want to wash my hair, Hmmm, I decided to also book in for a wash and blow after the massage.  So straight away they had got a new and paying client.  Now all they had to do was live up to my expectations to keep me as a returning client.

I arrived at the Salon, which I have to say had the WOW factor, the interior design and layout was amazing and my first thought was, why had’nt I heard of this place before?

I was then greeted by a lovely member of staff who asked me to take a seat and went an got my Beauty Therapist that would be carrying out my treatment.  She too was also lovely and friendly. What a great start I thought.  I then started to think, oh hold on as a freebie this will probably be “taster session” massage not the full thing.  Oh how I was wrong.  It was a full hour of pure bliss, one of the best Hot Stone [...]

Expand Your Popularity on Social Media Platforms

Keeping on top of Social Media is an increasing dilemma for any business, but once you have mastered the frequency of updating your social media accounts, then you can start to look at ways to further expand the popularity of your accounts which in turn will push web traffic to your website.

Have you thought about Competitions / GiveAways?

Think about both rewarding the loyal followers, fans, and readers of your social media accounts as well as building you new audiences with a Competition / GiveAway. This can be done by creating a competition on Social Media platforms, ideally themed on your business offerings, to help build quick and interactive activity… Ideas include submitting photos and choosing the best, asking for catchphrases and again selecting the best or ask your clients to send through ideas on how you can improve your business and the best once again wins a set prize.

This kind of activity where your audiences stand to win a physical product or a service increases their motivation to share your brand or indeed connect their social media profile and submit email addresses for you to collate.

Think viral for competitions, the better the prize and the better engagement you have requested for their entry, then the higher likely that your  competition / giveaway will reach audiences far beyond your own reach…

Do you find it a challenge getting traffic to your web site?

Do you find it a challenge getting traffic to your web site?

Have you tried these 3 things to help improve your rankings?



Google, in particular, loves blogs & websites that use video, especially if they are You tube videos (after all, YouTube is owned by google and adding their videos to your website creates greater exposure for YouTube too).

Videos improve your customers experience – nowadays more and more people enjoy absorbing information by video

It will also increase the amount of time people spend on your site, and statistics show that the longer people are on your website, the higher it will rank.

Creating video for your website doesn’t have to be difficult.  You could speak to a client and see if the would be willing to do a video testimonial.  A great company which I have used and are currently preparing a video for my own web site is Peter Corcoran Photography (


Is your web site content current?

The great thing is that just a small, simple change can be enough to show search engines that your website is being ‘monitored’.


•Adding a couple of new sentences to a few blog posts

•Change a few photos

•Review your primary keywords and consider adjusting your header / title tags

A number of tweaks every 2-3 months can produce some good results.

Again a great company that I use for my web site is PUSH (


Feedback & Comments

Encourages customer participation, make it ‘social’.

For example, at the end of a post simply tell them that you want to hear their views and get feedback.

Also, remember to add Facebook / Twitter share buttons – if your reader enjoys your content, this will make it easier for them to share it.



3 Common Twitter Mistakes

I’d like to talk about some of the twitter mistakes that are being made day after day.

Don’t tell me clients but social media is not a complex beast.  If you have a good appreciation of social and interpersonal skills then there is every chance you will be excellent at it.  Often it’s the errors that people make that clearly demonstrate that they have misunderstood what it’s all about.

Don’t No 1

Automated direct messages (DMs) are wrong.  It’s like sending a cardboard cutout of yourself to a social marketing party because you can’t be bothered to attend.  It’s impersonal and it shows no effort.  It may cause your follower to wonder why they followed you in the first place!

Don’t No 2

People hate 140 characters of a sales pitch.  Just because someone has indicated they are interested in your tweets does not mean they should instantly be bombarded with your sales messages.  You will face the consequence of either being unfollowed or being ignored.

Don’t No 3

Being retweeted is great. It shows that someone has been impressed by your content and has therefore chosen to share it with their followers. What isn’t great is then retweeting their retweet of you … you’ve already shared the information; why are you doing it again? Thank them and then move on.