In our modern, digital age, having a website is absolutely vital for business. Just think about the way you discover new services or select the businesses you want to deal with, most of the time the first thing you’ll do is check them out online. Having a web presence is the first step, but having a great site that keeps visitors interested and really works for your brand is something else entirely. So let’s take a look at some of the key ingredients for a great, functioning website.

Who are you?

The most important aspect of most businesses is the people who work in it, and this is especially true of dental practices. The service you provide is, of course, key, but the team who deliver it is your selling point, and prospective patients will want to know – and see –who works in your business. With this in mind, a strong ‘About Us’ page is vital. Use this to introduce your team and practice ethos, but also provide some information about each staff member. Always use a professional image of each person and I would advise including qualifications, what they do within the business, and some personal information like hobbies, or favourite foods. People buy from people, so if your website can reflect the personality of you and your team you’ll be on to a winner.

The look

What keeps visitors interested to stay on your website long enough to encourage them to choose you to look after their oral health? The overall look and feel of the website is important in this regard, from the initial design, right through to headings and images, it needs to be visually attractive without be too cluttered. Use striking imagery, with clear navigation and maintain the look and feel through each page with the use of colours that reflect your branding. The use of different sized fonts and headers can also add to the visual stimulation, drawing visitors to the areas you want them to see, while also keeping them captivated.

Optimise for mobile

Most of us have smart phones these days, which we use to browse the internet immediately and on the go. Optimising your site for mobile is absolutely vital, if it is hard to navigate on a phone this will prove to be annoying for users and cause them to click on to one that is more appealing. Your practice might be the best in the area, with the most cutting-edge technology and opening hours to suit patients, but if your website doesn’t work well enough to show all of this off, they will go elsewhere.

Top tip!

Naming your pages correctly not only looks more professional, it will also boost your search engine optimisation (SEO). For example, rather than will work far better, and look more professional to boot.

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