At HI Marketing, I find honesty is the best policy from the outset. I don’t make inflated promises that are undeliverable, instead I work with you to give your business a boost through the marketing tools we have at our fingertips. When I meet up with a potential or existing client, there are a couple of important realities that I constantly try to reiterate, because it is vital to understand what is achievable.

You won’t be an overnight success

When you started your business, it took hard work and a lot of effort to grow something successful; you didn’t just open the practice doors and expect patients to flood in. Well, the same applies to social media… You can’t just create an account, upload one post and expect a miracle to happen overnight. Anything worth having takes constant nurturing to build it into a success.

So, what do we have to do? As always, in any area of business, consistency is key. Making social media work for you requires patience and a strategy that is regularly reviewed and tweaked to make sure it is working to its optimum potential. It is not enough to go on Facebook and Twitter for a week at a time, shout about your latest treatment, and then hibernate for a couple of months. If you want people to hear your message, you need to keep putting it out there!

Not everyone will be your fan

In life, you won’t be friends with everyone. In business, customers will come and go. In social media, fans are fickle and not everyone will want to follow your accounts or hear what you have to say. This needs to be accepted, faced head on and I raise this point with my clients because when it comes to social media this can often be harder to do than it is in life and business. That’s because the scale of it is so vast that many naively believe that thousands of people are going to be interested in what your brand has to say.

However, what social media can do is show who your fans actually are. Once you’ve ascertained this, focus on those people, build up your engagement with them and continue to give them what they want, because these are the ones who really matter to your business.

At HI Marketing I will always give you honest advice and feedback in order to work proactively together on an all-encompassing marketing strategy that really works for you and your business. If you want to find out more, get in touch by calling 07805506477, or email me at