Dentistry has changed a lot over the last decade or so. The profession has become increasingly fast paced with plenty of technological advances that allows practitioners to offer patients more of the treatments that they really want. As a result of this, dental practices themselves have altered, too. For most patients, the days of simply attending the same dentist every six months since childhood are long gone. Instead, people are constantly looking for somewhere better, with more treatment options, increased facilities, and that been has recommended time and time again.


The rise of the internet has played a huge part in this increased competition for new patient attention. We literally have the world at our fingertips these days, allowing us to find exactly what we want and where, which means patients are more open to travelling a little bit further than they perhaps used to; if that means benefiting from the perfect service, of course.


Changing the way we market

With this in mind, the way we market to our patients has to keep up with the pace. Back when private dentistry started to take off, many practices benefited from local advertising in the newspaper or magazines, or even on the radio. This was effective due to the high reader/listenership of these mediums, but I can’t reiterate enough that changing times requires a changing outlook.


There’s no getting away from the power of social media, most of us use some form of it and we can access it right in the palm of our hand at any moment via our smartphones. Business pages and accounts on these platforms allow dental practices to reach new and existing patients in a way that people really love, as it allows you to show some personality while also demonstrating the services you have available. You have the option to share images of the team, the practice, or patient before and after pictures (with the right consent, of course), all of which gives people an enhanced insight into the service you are able to provide.


The great thing about social media is the way it allows people to feel that they are building a relationship with your business, and once this happens there is more chance of achieving their loyalty. Added to that, a good service will often be praised online through reviews or status updates – and users love to tag businesses in to these types of posts – so if you don’t have accounts across the board then you really are missing a trick.


At HI Marketing I am passionate about the potential of social media and the enhanced business it can bring for dental practices. If you’re keen to dip your toe in the water but feel unsure about where to start, or you have an account but aren’t making the most of it, get in touch for a friendly chat about the ways in which I could help. Just call 07805506477 or email me at