Strategic Marketing

I can provide all the ‘thinking work’ you need to point you in the right direction.

What does your brand mean to you? Most importantly – what do your customers think of you?  Your brand needs to clearly communicate what you stand for.

I can help you put together a marketing communications plan which integrates on-line and traditional media, advertising, PR, exhibitions, mailings, newsletters… and internal communications too.

Social Media Marketing

It is an essential part of online marketing today (whether you like it or not!). However, making it work for your business isn’t easy. it’s no quick fix and like any networking, is vital for building relations with customers and prospects.

Customers want to do business with companies that interact and engage with them and take an interest in what they do.

Business Blogging

I often meet business owners who are reluctant to blog, but this is such a missed opportunity for your business.

A blog is an essential part of online marketing bridging the gap between a traditional website and social networking activity.


Better copywriting leads to better sales. Your copy is just as important as your logo or your website. It’s part of your brand – so make sure it does you justice.

I can provide copy for Brochures, Newsletters, Direct mail letters, Adverts, Websites & E-mailers