Here at HI Marketing I’m obviously very interested in all things, well, marketing! I work with lots of dental practices, all of which are trying to effectively boost their patient numbers as well as subsequent treatment uptake, all in an ethical manner. This is why I’m always on the look out for different ideas, tips or tools that could help my clients in their quest to achieve this.

I recently met a lovely lady called Tracy Ruck who owns a fantastic company called Smile Imaging, which is a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. Have you ever had a great patient consultation where you have advised about a raft of treatments that you just know will give that person the smile that they crave, but the patient just can’t visualise it, and eventually walks away without accepting the treatment plan? It must be one of the most frustrating scenarios in a dental practice, because you know what the results of your work would look like and the life-changing impact it could have.

A sound investment

This is where Smile Imaging comes in. Instead of going through the motions of lengthy and costly wax ups, etc, dentists are now able to create digital imagery that shows the patient how they will look after treatment. Seeing an image of how they could look after a proposed treatment, it allows the patient to become excited about the results and helps you to easily convert those treatment plans into real cases. Winner!

I have to say, I think this is a really slick bit of kit, and I know a number of dentists who are having some real success using it so it’s definitely not a gimmick. Being able to call on high-tech equipment like this also shows your patients that you are investing in the best products on the market too, which instils trust in both the practice and the practitioners, too.

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