A tool to help boost your conversion rates

Here at HI Marketing I’m obviously very interested in all things, well, marketing! I work with lots of dental practices, all of which are trying to effectively boost their patient numbers as well as subsequent treatment uptake, all in an ethical manner. This is why I’m always on the look out for different ideas, tips or tools that could help my clients in their quest to achieve this.

I recently met a lovely lady called Tracy Ruck who owns a fantastic company called Smile Imaging, which is a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. Have you ever had a great patient consultation where you have advised about a raft of treatments that you just know will give that person the smile that they crave, but the patient just can’t visualise it, and eventually walks away without accepting the treatment plan? It must be one of the most frustrating scenarios in a dental practice, because you know what the results of your work would look like and the life-changing impact it could have.
A sound investment
This is where Smile Imaging comes in. Instead of going through the motions of lengthy and costly wax ups, etc, dentists are now able to create digital imagery that shows the patient how they will look after treatment. Seeing an image of how they could look after a proposed treatment, it allows the patient to become excited about the results and helps you to easily convert those treatment plans into real cases. Winner!

I have to say, I think this is a really slick bit of kit, and I know a number of dentists who are having some real success using it so it’s definitely not a [...]

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Is your brand letting you down?

In business, your brand is the crux of everything you do as a company. Whether you are a sole trader or a large corporate employing a 200-strong team, everything always comes back down to your brand. Why is this? Well, broadly speaking, your brand acts like the personality of your business, so defining this right from the outset can set the tone of what you do, how you carry things out, how you are seen by your customers and how you ultimately reach your goals.

As a side note, I should explain here that ‘brand’ and ‘branding’ are two separate terms… Your brand is your business by definition, and your branding is what you use to portray that, such as logos and colour palettes. If we created an analogy to compare it we could take a person; their ‘brand’ would be their personality, ethics, values, and goals, while their ‘branding’ would be the clothes they wear, the car they drive and the house they live in. Branding is the projection of the brand.

Where to begin?

Bearing all of that in mind, I think we can agree that your brand is pretty vital to your business, so it is important to spend some time thinking about this, but where to begin? I great place to start is by creating both a vision and a mission statement as these will help you to define your brand and clearly communicate what you stand for. If you’re already an established business, there’s no harm carrying out this exercise too, because it may highlight that you have veered away from your original brand ethos, which is something that can often happen due to a change in customer demand, for example.

Think about [...]

Patient Engagement Strategies To Consider When Promoting Your Practice


Communicate regularly. Reach out and always respond to your patients (even if they are complaining on Facebook) to make sure they always get the help and support they need. Don’t forget to thank them, too.
Stay relevant. Position yourself as a thought leader and report the latest industry news before any of your competitors. Be sure to post breaking stories and offer recaps of recent research reports. That can drive social likes and shares, as well as links to your website.
Engage with images. Strive to provide a user-friendly website or blog experience that’s eye-catching, even if your visitors’ attention is divided between their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Content can range from custom info-graphics to breathtaking photos or thought-provoking videos.
Offer curated content.  Curation can help you build an audience. You then have a larger group of people with whom to share your own content and who can spread the word about your brand.
Ask for help. Speak directly to your followers in an attempt to gain even more of their attention. Ask them questions about themselves and how your service fits into their lives. Or place a shout-out to your fans, asking them to contribute a creative caption for an image or fill-in-the-blank post.
Cultivate internal team building. Don’t forget that creating unique content can engage your employees, too, an important point that doesn’t always get recognised. By creating brand ambassadors from within your business reminds everyone about why they are doing what they do for the Practice.

Whatever patient engagement strategies you employ, the key is to remain consistent. Think about the brand messaging you employ as well as your Patient’s overall end-to-end experience. And if you give them a consistent (and extraordinary) experience, you’ll ultimately be rewarded with [...]


There is one more element that your social media sites should point to, and that is your blog. Your blog is “the world according to you.” It fills your followers in on any news, any technique or advanced clinical training you have. It has been proven that those who post blogs on a regular basis are the ones who attract and retain new qualified patients the quickest.

With the millions of people using social media, there are bound to be many who will be searching for a topic you have expertise in. This realisation could not be more timely or true than it is right now with Google focusing all their search results on local businesses. If Google, for example, knows a searcher is in Wirral it will display “dentists Wirral” with more priority than ever before. Those in your own local area will now be more likely to run across your blog posts, videos, articles, and other related information.
Your Patients Are Searching For Solutions

It is the dentist with the expertise who answers a prospective patient’s question who will be remembered. No, they may not call today, but when the need arises they will remember you. It is setting yourself up as the “go to” dentist so that down the road when someone needs you, they’ll remember you.

Foundations Of Your Marketing Messages

Here are seven components of a solid marketing message.

You can use these eight  in other areas such as titles or short messages (think Twitter). When you begin communicating your messages from your patient’s view, your marketing will become easier and more effective.

The Hook

Thisis how you grab the attention of your audience and make them want to consume the rest of your message. The hook understands the need to make an impact in a few moments to keep your reader from moving on. You can use it as a question, “Did you know?.” If you use this format, make sure the anwer isn’t “yes or no.” Make it more engaging. You can also use a revelation, something that isn’t common knowlege or something that could be bad if it isn’t changed.

The Promise

Engage your readers’ imagination. Here is where you bring in “what’s in it for me.”  e.g. In this video I’m going to show you…(immediacy) how to do…(value)…an outcome.

The Circumstance

Begin to link where your reader is today with the promise (read more here). Begin to quailfy if the message is for them… if you don’t like to smile in photographs, if you suffer with teeth sensitivity, etc. Build upon the promise here and start to hint at how the promise will help them remove themselves from the circumstance or move to a circumstance they prefer.

The Reason

Why should I pay attention? What are you going to tell me? What value is there for me? Here is where you begin the main meal. “The reason we’re here today…” Use justification. I’ve cured 60% of my patients from obesity isn’t interesting, that could be luck. Remember to include immediacy, what is the value now?

Ownership Experience

This should be the [...]

YouTube Video Optimisation Tips

YouTube has its own algorithm and there are some things you need to be doing that will help you get more views, exposure and make your video easier to find on YouTube.


1. You Need A Descriptive Title

YouTube is a search engine. You need to have the right title to get found for the right things. The title is the most important thing to consider. They should include keywords that you want to get found on their own and that relate to other titles that you want to be shown with.

 2. You Must Include Keyword Focused Description

This is your opportunity to include keywords and text to help you get found on Google and YouTube. Some people translate their whole video into text for extra emphasis and more keywords. You can do this too. But the most important thing is to add a keyword focused description that allows people to take a quick glance and want to watch more.

 3. Don’t Forget Appropriate Tags

Tags like on blogs help you get your content in the right area of YouTube. You need to choose the right ones.  If you get too many thumbs downs on videos your video will get buried. The same goes for the category. Make sure you choose the right category or you may be stuck in no man’s land.

 4. Never Overlook Links

This is something that too many people forget. You need to have a link back to your site in the first sentence of the description. You want to make it as easy for someone to head on over to your full site to learn more.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is a lot less complicated than you may have been led to believe.  Although I know I shouldn’t really be saying that.
Essentially, marketing is:
• Identifying your target market (those people who want your product or service, that you can reach easily, and who can afford
your product/service)
• Discovering the needs and/or wants of your target audience
• Developing and then executing a plan to create a relevant and unique offering
• Creating and retaining loyal customers who actively engage with your brand
In other words, marketing is about creating a positive relationship with your target audience.  Most importantly, marketing is essential for your Dental Practice. Without it, your Practice is going to struggle.

Don’t create a product or service that suits you.  If you want to make money, you need to sell your product or service to other people. What they like, want or need is more important than what you want, like, or need. Design everything to suit your prospective patients, not yourself.

Your target market consists of your ideal patients.  Those people who are looking for a product or service like yours to solve their problem.

But make sure you can deliver what your target market wants.  If there is a disconnect between what your target wants and what you can deliver, your marketing plan will fail.

The Bottom Line on Social Media!

People want to buy from social brands.

Consumers are basing purchasing decisions on social content.

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of those who use social media to find information or share feedback about brands have purchased a product
based on social media content. For 18–34 year olds the number grows to 75%.
When asked about brands that integrate social media experiences on their websites, 63% of respondents report they are more likely to buy products and try new things because of the social comments of others.
More than half (54%) reported they would be more likely to purchase a product from the brand. And 79% report that they want to be able to get vouchers & promotions from brands socially.

I hope your Practice is maximising it’s potential on Social Media Platforms!

Social Media Has Changed The Way We Communicate

Patients are no longer required to pick up the phone or send an email to learn more about you, your Practice or service.  They are actively researching, listening and learning about you in real-time.

However, gaining a loyal following is easier said then done. Below are some simple tactics to get more followers!

1. Share Quality Content

While this one should go without saying, it is always worth repeating. Quality content gives people a reason to share, comment and come back for more.

Social Media offers a platform where being a little controversial might be a great way for you to start a dialog. The important component is to always put the needs of your followers first.

2. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags to find people and topics centered around subjects you are interested in.

3. Brand Your Channels

Take advantage of the customisation options including a branded background, adding your professional head shot and filling out your bio.

Take your time to carefully write a bio that expresses who you and your team are, be authentic. Take your offline personality and accurately convey that.

4. Get Engaged

Get involved in conversations and make it a point to stay actively engaged. It’s not enough to schedule a few posts. You must begin to create conversation.

Ask questions and craft them in a way that they are worth replying to.  Reply in kind and open the lines of communication.

5. Don’t Haphazardly Follow

Be strategic in who you follow. What is your niche, passion, favorite pastime or hobby? Follow people that share information similar to what you find interesting.

6. Be Helpful

If you are only using social media to push out your marketing message, you are missing a huge opportunity. It allows you to offer great content that provides a benefit. Share [...]


The next time you’re at any social gathering, party, lunch or dinner with friends, pay attention to those who people are most engaged with.  Then ask yourself why are people so engaged with them? Mainly, you will realise that the people who are the most engaging are:-

1) the most interesting

2) the most attractive

3) the most engaged themselves.
You now know everything you need to know about increasing the engagement between your patients and your brand on Facebook.
Well, there’s a bit more to it like, what is interesting to your audience? How do you make yourself attractive through social media; and when, how, and how often should you engage. If you feel you need some help with your social media management for your Practice contact me at hayley@hayleyironsmarketing.co.uk.

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