Throughout these weird and trying Covid times, we have all found ways in which to add as much normality into our lives as possible. The biggest thing we are missing out on, of course, is social contact and many of us have turned to technology to help stay in touch as much as possible.

There’s no doubt that FaceTime, Zoom and Teams really aren’t the same as the real thing, but I’ve been wondering whether they may have cemented their place in our lives for years to come.

Prior to Covid, many of us used Facetime to stay in touch with loved ones. For some, it has always been an invaluable tool for feeling closer to those who live far away, allowing us to feel part of something even if we aren’t physically there. Personally, I can’t say I used it all that often!

A lifeline

Of course, video conferencing has become a lifeline for many businesses since March 2020, allowing employees to stay in touch while working from home. I believe it has also helped people battling with loneliness and aren’t able to see a soul for days on end. On a personal level, I have loved every second of seeing my two baby granddaughters via virtual means, it’s all we have for now!

I think that the power of virtual technology, such as Teams and Zoom has really come into its own and meant that more people than ever are using these systems and understanding the advantages they can bring. Do I think virtual meetings will replace real meetings for the long term? Perhaps not. Nothing can truly beat a face-to-face conversation, whether that’s over a coffee or a board room!

However, I do believe that virtual technology has probably cemented its place in our lives for the long term. We can cherry pick when we use it and it can be used to help us all achieve a better work-life balance by opting for a virtual meeting rather than long travel times or even boosting profits thanks to more streamlined processes. I know many dental practices who will stick with virtual consultations for the long term as they have found patient interest and subsequent treatment uptake has been phenomenal.

I long for the days of hugs, live music, and long champagne afternoons with friends… there are some things that virtual technology simply cannot replace!

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