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I could go on and on, but you get the picture! Our social media feeds are often awash with happy weekday quotes but the question is, are they still relevant?

As a content creator, I’m always interested in what works and what doesn’t. There was definitely a time where these types of posts worked really well. They brightened up people’s feeds and injected a little bit of positivity that became memorable… precisely what we want to achieve. However, the reach on this style of posts was definitely beginning to see a reduction, perhaps they had been overdone or were becoming too common.

Does this mean the positive weekday quote is dead? Well actually, it probably would have been if the Covid-19 pandemic hadn’t hit. Since March 2020, this style of post has come back strong, especially when used with the right hashtags.

Due to the pandemic, mental health has become a top subject and social media has given us a perfect platform for raising awareness about it. We are able to reach people in more ways than ever before, whether that’s to share top tips for dealing with stress, to let them know we are there for them, or to simply brighten their feed with something heartwarming.

As ever, the key is to use the right hashtags with these posts in order to ensure they are reaching the right audience. I have noticed #BeKind and #GetBritainTalking have been especially useful in gaining a good reach with happy weekday quotes, so why not give this a try next time you’re stuck for ideas?

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