As dental practices are beginning to re-open again following the COVID-19 lockdown, could now be a good time to start thinking about re-instating your Facebook advertising? Many people are unsure if it’s too soon, but I believe that it’s a great time to get ahead of the game.

I know that ] you have plenty to think of at the moment, including compliance, staffing, PPE and social distancing in the workplace, not mention how to go about things in the practice, and figuring out which treatments you can and can’t offer. However, once your back to work plan is in place and running smoothly, you should be shouting about it and Facebook advertising can help you to do just that.

More reward for less outlay

We know for definite that more people than ever are spending their time scrolling though Facebook, so you have a large and captive audience… with people on furlough they are consuming online content throughout the day, so it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness of your business.

In addition, there is less competition at the moment, so you will be able to achieve the same (or better) results on advertising campaigns with less spend than you previously have. This is because with the market less saturated your advert doesn’t need to work as hard to reach your audience, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Your message

If you’re going to go ahead and use Facebook advertising, your message is key. Avoid being too salesy as it’s still a sensitive time and instead focus on brand awareness and building your online audience. Simply letting people know that you are open and share updates on what treatments are available is enough but you could also try running some competitions – teeth whitening is a great one for building engagement and following!

Here at HI Marketing we love planning Facebook advertising campaigns, it’s just what we do. If you’d like some help to get started, get in touch on 07805506477, or drop us an email at

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