We often hear the phrase ‘people by from people’, and it’s something that is very relevant when it comes to marketing a dental practice.

Often, patients are nervous about visiting the dentist, either due to previous trauma or general anxiety. It’s something they fit into their diary once or twice a year so it never really becomes a comfortable space for many. That’s where marketing can really help, especially through the power of social media. We can help new and existing patients to engage more with your practice by portraying the personality of the business and the team members who work there.

Why do we do this? It’s all about making your space familiar, inviting and welcoming before the patient has even arrived. This helps to alleviate stress and concern about visiting the practice and having dental treatment.

While on social media we can use a mixture of clinical, professional and amateur photography – sometimes the best moments are captured on your phone! – when it comes to your marketing literature and website, your images need to be extremely high quality. The difference is down to customer expectation. We all accept lower quality imagery on our social media feeds because this is a more relaxed space, but when it comes to professional material it needs to be slick. This is where you want to shine as clinical professionals and excellent photography, and videography where suitable, will put you ahead of the competition.

Picture this…

Think about from your own viewpoint. If you were looking for a cosmetic surgeon you would narrow it down to a few options based on skills, accreditation, qualifications and specialisms. You’d look at patient reviews and testimonials, as well as social media for before and after images. You’d also head to the website and if this looks tired with terrible photography it immediately brings your opinion down. A website that showed off a beautiful clinical with well-presented staff is far more enticing, we all want that luxurious service. The crux of the matter is this, low-quality imagery portrays a low-quality service – it’s off putting!

Invest in the best

When I am working with new clients who want to refresh their website, or build a new one from scratch, I always recommend investing in a good photographer. In many cases, you can book them for a full day to capture a wide variety of content for you, including the necessary team headshots, clinic photography, and even videos of your team explaining various treatments or specific cases with happy (and consenting) patients. Not only will this give you the imagery required for your website and any subsequent patient literature, you will end up with a bank of great content that can be used on social media to keep that lively and fresh.

Great photography is a fantastic investment and if you think this is something you need, we can help! At HI Marketing, we can recommend some excellent photographers and videographers who will help your practice shine. Just get in touch on 07805506477, or drop us an email at hayley@hayleyironsmarketing.co.uk.

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