These days, hashtags have well and truly ingrained themselves into almost every facet of our society. From its humble beginnings on social media, namely Twitter, the hashtag can now be found on every social media platform, and for some people, they even find their way into general conversation, #naturally.

So, what is the fuss all about? Well, the point of the hashtag is to allow users to discover content based upon a particular subject. For example, if someone wants to find images of tooth whitening on Instagram, they can search #toothwhitening and be provided with more than 22,000 posts to peruse. This means that if you are promoting your tooth whitening services, using the hashtag will ensure your post is part of this searchable content, helping to boost your reach, connect and engage with potential new patients.

How to use hashtags

Now we know how hashtags work and the importance of them, how do we use them effectively? Think about your audience and try to tap into their specific interests rather than being too general. For example, tagging a particular treatment or your location may prove more fruitful than something too broad, such as #dentist.

Keep it short! Simply put, users are lazy and don’t want to type in long tags. As a case in point, while the above mentioned #toothwhitening has more than 22,000 posts on Instagram, in comparison #whiteteeth has almost 539,000!

Don’t use to many hashtags in one post, rather than helping to increase your reach by providing what seems like more options to make your content searchable, it will simply look like spam and cause many users to carry on scrolling past your post.

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