You may have seen this quote, or something similar to it, on the internet at some point. There’s much debate about its origin and/or whether it is completely true but regardless of that I do believe there is some fact in it so I think it’s worth discussing…

People remember…

10% of what they read

20% of what they hear

30% of what they see

50% of what they see and hear

70% of what they discuss with others

80% of what they personally experience

95% or what they teach others

If we bear this in mind, it’s a great way of planning how to use social media for your business as it really shows the value in the different posts you might be considering. For example, a simple status update with no imagery will be less memorable than a picture post, but a video that followers can both see and hear will have an even greater impact.

Video content

I’m a huge fan of using video content on social media. I always find, from analysing the insights, that these posts gain far more interaction than anything else. With so much content on offer to users, from so many sources, the key to reaching people is all about interrupting their timeline with something that makes them stop and take notice. Videos have this effect more than anything else.

If we go back to that original quote, video content provides something that is both seen and heard, which means there is also a greater chance of people remembering your post. In addition, a great video that is interesting or funny is likely to be shared and discussed later on… meaning that it becomes even more memorable.

Personal experience

You may be thinking that your followers can’t personally experience your service via social media, and you would be right. Of course, no one can have a hygiene clean or dental check up through the powers of Facebook, but there is still a way for your followers to personally experience YOU.

First and foremost, everything you post should be on brand and in your brand’s voice. This helps to portray what people can expect if they visit you. Your tone should be professional yet friendly, knowledgeable but not patronising. Exactly how you would talk to patients in your practice.

You can then take this a step further by ensuring that you respond quickly to any engagement you receive. Comments should be reacted and replied to, messages should be answered, and shares should always be liked. If a patient tags you in a post, comment and thank them. All of this helps people to experience you and your business without them even being on your premises, and it is precisely this that can help you stand out.

And that is the true power of social media!

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