Do you ever get stuck for content ideas when it comes to your social media posts? It happens to all of us! Some days you’re just brimming full of ideas and other days, well, you just feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your creativity.

The first thing to do, is walk away and put the kettle on… here at HI Marketing we strongly believe that power of a good cup of coffee is nothing short of miraculous! Just the act of walking away from the task that is frustrating you can give your brain the chance to re-adjust and re-focus, 5 minutes away from your desk may be all you need to get those creative juices flowing again. If you’re still stuck, here are some more of our top tips…

• Practice news – Have you recently taken on a new team member that you can introduce to your followers? Is there a treatment that you’re now able to offer to patients? Do you have any current special offers that you can share?

• Behind the scenes – Put your smartphone to good use and take some snaps around the surgery. Perhaps some implant surgery taking place (ensure you have patient consent), some nice flowers you have bought to brighten up the waiting area, etc. Patients and prospective patients like to see what’s going on!

• Guess the treatment – Put up a before and after smile and ask your followers to guess what treatments were carried out to achieve the finished result.

• Awareness days – Check out – it is a great little resource for inspiration when you’re in need! Share the team’s favourite songs on World Music Day, take a snap of everyone wearing shades on International Sunglasses Day, you get the gist!

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