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Portray your personality

I’m a firm believer that people buy from people. Even those who buy in to a brand do so based on the personality, ethos, and reputation that a particular business has built up, all of which starts from the people working within that company.

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Know your competition

Sometimes, owning and running a small business can be a competitive affair. It is often the case that there are numerous dental practices located in fairly close proximity, giving patients plenty of choice over who they choose to entrust their care to. This, of course, means that you have to do your best to attract the type of patients you want, in order to ensure they don’t visit the competition instead.

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Put pen to paper!

When faced with writing content, whether for a website or a blog, many people have the same reaction… they freeze! Lots of us are brimming with ideas and information that others would find incredibly useful, but because the act of putting pen to paper feels too overwhelming those messages never get conveyed.

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Do you even #hashtag?

These days, hashtags have well and truly ingrained themselves into almost every facet of our society. From its humble beginnings on social media, namely Twitter, the hashtag can now be found on every social media platform, and for some people, they even find their way into general conversation, #naturally.

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A new look for HI Marketing!

It’s an exciting time at HI Marketing because our new website has just gone live! We know how important it is to keep all areas of a business fresh and up to date, which is why we’ve invested time sprucing up our own site to ensure it not only portrays our brand, but also provides the right information about the services we are able to provide.

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Why online reviews are vital for your business

Before advertising existed, the best way to get customers was through word of mouth and personal recommendations. Most dental practices have those loyal patients who remain with you because their parents were patients, and so on. Of course, things have moved on since those good old days, we now have the internet and tools like social media at our fingertips.

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The harsh realities of social media

At HI Marketing, I find honesty is the best policy from the outset. I don’t make inflated promises that are undeliverable, instead I work with you to give your business a boost through the marketing tools we have at our fingertips. When I meet up with a potential or existing client, there are a couple of important realities that I constantly try to reiterate, because it is vital to understand what is achievable.

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Is your brand letting you down?

In business, your brand is the crux of everything you do as a company. Whether you are a sole trader or a large corporate employing a 200-strong team, everything always comes back down to your brand. Why is this? Well, broadly speaking, your brand acts like the personality of your business, so defining this right from the outset can set the tone of what you do, how you carry things out, how you are seen by your customers and how you ultimately reach your goals.

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