Does your text sparkle?

You’ve splashed out on a gorgeous new website that is beautifully branded in your business colours and logos, incorporates stunning imagery and really looks the part. However, all of this can count for nothing if your copy doesn’t sparkle as much as everything else!

The last thing visitors want to see on your website is dull copy, boring headlines, or even worse, terrible spelling and grammar. At the other end of the scale are those who write reams of text that could have put the message across in a much clearer and more concise manner. Here are our top tips for web writing that will help your business shine…

Be concise

There’s nothing more off-putting than visiting a web page and seeing big slabs of text. People use the internet to get their answers quickly, they don’t want to work for it by searching through all of your words! Decide on your message and make sure that your copy constantly conveys what you want to say in a clear and concise manner.

Be accurate

Text that is littered with mistakes is annoying for the reader at best, and provides the wrong meaning at worst. Double check your writing and then ask someone else to look over it before you go live. The more eyes the better!

Be you

Often when people put pen to paper they feel they need to take on an alternative persona and write in language they wouldn’t normally use. Try to be yourself and write in the same pleasant and friendly tone in which you would normally speak; this is the easiest way to put your personality into your copy. Remember, people buy from people, so it is important to sound like you!

Hopefully this has given you [...]


Remember, quality not quantity.

Yes, you want to tweet regularly to keep your followers engaged and coming back for more. But you don’t want to tweet all the time simply for the sake of tweeting. Filling someone’s feed with low-quality content can make them unfollow you.

Your purpose on Twitter should be similar to the purpose of being in Practice: to add value to people’s lives. Make sure what you’re tweeting is informative, interesting and helpful.

Be patient.

Unless you’re a celebirty or other well-known figure, your brand probably won’t come with a built-in following. And don’t bank on your first tweet going viral. Building a sizable following from scratch takes time.

Start retweeting, replying to and favoriting other people’s tweets.

 Be engaged.

Patience is a virtue. And being active is important. So is being engaged.

Pay attention to what other people are tweeting and to the people who re-tweet and reply to your own tweets.  Return those favors. Respond when people ask you questions. Start networking.

This is one important way to grow your Twitter following fast.

 Avoid the dead zone.

So, you’re tweeting high-quality content, you’re engaged and engaging — but what if you’re doing all this when your followers aren’t actually on Twitter? Just like any other social platform, you want to be where your followers are and when they’re there.

People tend to be off of Twitter between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. local time. (For reference, people tend to check Facebook until about midnight before unplugging for the day.)  The “sweet spot” for tweeting is said to be between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Get smart and monitor Twitter’s data.

You want to monitor your efforts and levels of success on Twitter. While a lot of people get caught up stressing about follower [...]

Get Your Facebook Page More Likes


Page Like Ads do exactly what you would expect – they get new people to like your business page.

Why would you pay for people to like your page?

Well the key is in the targeting, and the quality of the likes you are getting. You want people who like your page to be potential patients for your Practice.  You certainly don’t want to pay for somebody in Devon to like your page if you are based in Glasgow – they might love your posts but they probably aren’t going to travel all that way to visit your Practice for treatment.

How to Target Your Facebook Page Like Ads
Remember that numbers are not the main thing- this is one area where quality is much more important than quantity. Targeting is an integral part of the process of setting up your Page Like Ads- choose your ideal potential new customers based on:-

Location – country, county, within 10 miles of your location and more options
Interests – this is a big one for most Facebook Advertisers
Other Facebook Pages that people already like
Online Behaviour

If you still feel overwhelmed and confused with social media marketing, I can help.  Contact me at for information on how I can help grow your practice.

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    4 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Your Practice Website & How HI Marketing Ltd Can Help!

4 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Your Practice Website & How HI Marketing Ltd Can Help!

Blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy.

Here are 4 reasons you need to blog:

1) Drive traffic to your website

2) Increase your SEO

3) Position your brand as an industry leader

4) Develop better patient relationships


1) Drive traffic to your website

Your blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your patients. Use this as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website.

Your Practice might be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or anywhere else. Post links  – with relevant visuals – of your blog articles to your social sites. Give your social followers a reason to click through to your website.

2)  Increase your SEO

Fresh & consistent content is still a key to beating your competitors in the search engine results page.

Use keywords in your articles. List out the keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with. Use these words, and related expressions when writing your posts.

3) Position your brand as an industry leader

Well written articles demonstrate your Practice as an industry leader. By posting topics which resonate with your patients and show your knowledge, you are marketing your skills for your business / service too.

You are building trust, too. The more you can show that you are well-versed in your field, the more likely your future patients will trust you to supply what they need.

4) Develop better patient relationships

Blogs provide another source to deepen the connection with your patients. By connecting directly on your website, your patients are able to get to know your business / services.

Consumers like to be informed, and appreciate that you are the one teaching them.

Additionally, just as on your other social platforms, respond to comments and interact with your patients. If they have [...]

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