Have you ever stopped to think about why you buy certain things? Whether it’s a product or a service, what makes you part with your hard-earned cash? Often, it’s based on a recommendation but when that isn’t available, how do you choose?

In a world where we are surrounded by so much choice, for many people the decision comes down to the people behind the brand. If we feel some sort of affiliation with their ethos or like the personality and vibe they are giving off, this can often seal the deal.

What does this mean for your social media?

You know that you are competing with lots of other people out there offering a similar service to you. You can no longer rely on locality because these days people are prepared to travel for the right service. You need to dig deep and show off what sets you apart.

And what is that? It’s your personality and your passion for what you do. Show people how much you love your job, how well your team get on and really give your social media channels some personality. People want to see who works in your business, who they will be dealing with and sometimes, they’ll use one of you posts as an ice breaker to start a conversation with you.

Ideas for creating passionate posts:

  • Share your plans for the future – Doing some renovations? Share the process. People love to come on your journey with you and they’ll appreciate the investment you’re making in the service you provide
  • Show your learning – If you’re attending a course or doing some team training, share some snippets. Explain why learning is so important, why you love it and what it means for your customers
  • Solve problems – Ask people what they want from your service and put steps in place to provide it. If there’s a need in your area, fill it!

So next time you’re stuck for what to post, look around you. Or think about why you started this in the first place and share it. That’s what sets you apart so flaunt it!

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