I’m a firm believer that people buy from people. Even those who buy in to a brand do so based on the personality, ethos, and reputation that a particular business has built up, all of which starts from the people working within that company. Personalities are vital for encouraging others to buy in to whatever you’re selling, whether that happens to be the latest pair of trainers or your dental services.

This is precisely why social media can help small businesses to excel, not only because it gives them a platform to talk about their products and services to wider audience, but also because it provides an excellent way to portray some personality. Different traits will resonate with different people and you’re never going to be able to please everybody, so don’t even try! I always recommend just being you, with no pretence or facade; it will help to show potential patients what they can expect when they visit your practice.

Get snap happy

So what happens if you use an agency to help you to manage your social media accounts? It is definitely still possible to show off your personality, in fact I always emphasise the importance of team involvement to all of my clients. While you are not be actively posting yourself, it is still essential to take some photographs in and around the practice that are either fun or informative and pass these on to whoever is managing your accounts. Not only will these help to show what you are like as a business, it often helps to create better engagement with followers.

Why so? While stock images can be great for conveying a particular message, your own snaps show the real you, which is what your followers want to see. So if you have an open day, a team day out, or a charity event, don’t forget your camera (or smart phone)! Your followers will love to see what YOU are up to, and I often find that these images create the best results in terms of reach and interaction.

If you’d like to start using social media for your business, or feel that you need a helping hand to give you a bit of a boost, we’d love to help, just give us a call on 07805506477, or drop us an email at hayley@hayleyironsmarketing.co.uk.


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