Social media is fast-paced world where people talk about things like algorithms, reach, engagement, etc, so it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed by it all. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to take things down a notch and get back down to basics…

Get online

Social media is so ingrained in our society that people now expect businesses to have a presence on the various platforms. Facebook and Instagram and are the key players, mainly because they are image based, while Twitter is still going strong.

If your business doesn’t yet have a profile, start by creating one! If it does but it’s pretty inactive, give it a little revamp to make sure it reflects the current business and team. Ensure all of the fields are filled out, including business name, address, contact details, as well as the about and bio sections – don’t cut corners. This will make your business easier to find and give it a professional look and feel.

Say hello

You’ve got your profiles up and running but you don’t know what to say. We get it, when you have a fresh, blank canvas it feels like your first post has to be something really profound and memorable. It doesn’t!

Start by simply saying hello, introduce the business or the team, maybe even tell a joke. Just put something out there and get the ball rolling, you’ll feel better once the first post is out of the way.

Start posting

When people are looking for a new service, they want to see quality of service, professionalism, friendliness, and results. You can display all of this with the right social media content!

Images of your practice, introductions to team members, before and after images of treatments (with patient consent), showing the high-quality products you use and why, all mixed in with dental tips and information is a perfect recipe. Throw in some ‘behind the scenes’ snippets with boomerang videos or images as well to inject some personality… your team will love this!

Think about your brand personality

Your social media profiles are a means of engaging with new and existing customers and provide you with the perfect opportunity to display some personality. This is, hopefully, what attracts people to your business.

People will always buy from people, so don’t be afraid to inject some humour and light heartedness where appropriate. Just be sure to respect patient confidentiality at all times and when talking about treatments maintain the same level of professionalism that you would display in your practice.

Shout about it

Now shout about your new social media profiles via newsletters, on your website, in your waiting room, etc. Remember that Facebook has a review section and this is great for building up your online profile and collecting feedback, so direct your patients there!

Here at HI Marketing we love all things social media, it’s just what we do. If you’d like some help to get started, or a little boost to give your profiles some added edge, get in touch on on 07805506477, or drop us an email at

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