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    You’ve decided that you’re ready to start using social media for your Practice……..

You’ve decided that you’re ready to start using social media for your Practice……..

It’s pointless to dive into setting up multiple social media accounts just because your competitors are doing it, or because you’ve been told it’s essential. You need a strategy and clear objectives for what you wish to achieve by using social media.
Firstly, a word of caution. Social media should not be considered as a “magic bullet” – it is merely one of many marketing tools, but nowadays it is a tool that virtually all businesses should be using. When you consider the sheer numbers of people using social networks on a daily basis to interact with their friends, it would be unusual if at least some of these people didn’t share an opinion about your Practice at some point. If that opinion showed your Practice in a bad light and you were not there to respond quickly, things could escalate and reputations could be damaged.

An active presence on social networks means that you can quickly step in to resolve disputes, answer questions and generally demonstrate great customer service.
So, let’s look at what social media can do for your business:-
1. Communicate with current and future patients
2. Generate leads
3. Increase brand awareness
4. Establish yourself as an expert
5. Demonstrate your ‘core values’
6. Drive traffic to your website, blog, premises, or an event
7. Enable rapid response to customer service queries
8. Provide market research
9. Provide competitor research
10. Build your community
11. Monitor reputation
12. Promote products, services or special offers.

If you feel you need further help with your Practice’s social media strategy, contact me at

Get Your Facebook Page More Likes


Page Like Ads do exactly what you would expect – they get new people to like your business page.

Why would you pay for people to like your page?

Well the key is in the targeting, and the quality of the likes you are getting. You want people who like your page to be potential patients for your Practice.  You certainly don’t want to pay for somebody in Devon to like your page if you are based in Glasgow – they might love your posts but they probably aren’t going to travel all that way to visit your Practice for treatment.

How to Target Your Facebook Page Like Ads
Remember that numbers are not the main thing- this is one area where quality is much more important than quantity. Targeting is an integral part of the process of setting up your Page Like Ads- choose your ideal potential new customers based on:-

Location – country, county, within 10 miles of your location and more options
Interests – this is a big one for most Facebook Advertisers
Other Facebook Pages that people already like
Online Behaviour

If you still feel overwhelmed and confused with social media marketing, I can help.  Contact me at for information on how I can help grow your practice.

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    4 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Your Practice Website & How HI Marketing Ltd Can Help!

4 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important For Your Practice Website & How HI Marketing Ltd Can Help!

Blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy.

Here are 4 reasons you need to blog:

1) Drive traffic to your website

2) Increase your SEO

3) Position your brand as an industry leader

4) Develop better patient relationships


1) Drive traffic to your website

Your blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your patients. Use this as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website.

Your Practice might be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or anywhere else. Post links  – with relevant visuals – of your blog articles to your social sites. Give your social followers a reason to click through to your website.

2)  Increase your SEO

Fresh & consistent content is still a key to beating your competitors in the search engine results page.

Use keywords in your articles. List out the keywords, topics, and categories you want your business to be found with. Use these words, and related expressions when writing your posts.

3) Position your brand as an industry leader

Well written articles demonstrate your Practice as an industry leader. By posting topics which resonate with your patients and show your knowledge, you are marketing your skills for your business / service too.

You are building trust, too. The more you can show that you are well-versed in your field, the more likely your future patients will trust you to supply what they need.

4) Develop better patient relationships

Blogs provide another source to deepen the connection with your patients. By connecting directly on your website, your patients are able to get to know your business / services.

Consumers like to be informed, and appreciate that you are the one teaching them.

Additionally, just as on your other social platforms, respond to comments and interact with your patients. If they have [...]

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Patient Engagement Strategies To Consider When Promoting Your Practice


Communicate regularly. Reach out and always respond to your patients (even if they are complaining on Facebook) to make sure they always get the help and support they need. Don’t forget to thank them, too.
Stay relevant. Position yourself as a thought leader and report the latest industry news before any of your competitors. Be sure to post breaking stories and offer recaps of recent research reports. That can drive social likes and shares, as well as links to your website.
Engage with images. Strive to provide a user-friendly website or blog experience that’s eye-catching, even if your visitors’ attention is divided between their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Content can range from custom info-graphics to breathtaking photos or thought-provoking videos.
Offer curated content.  Curation can help you build an audience. You then have a larger group of people with whom to share your own content and who can spread the word about your brand.
Ask for help. Speak directly to your followers in an attempt to gain even more of their attention. Ask them questions about themselves and how your service fits into their lives. Or place a shout-out to your fans, asking them to contribute a creative caption for an image or fill-in-the-blank post.
Cultivate internal team building. Don’t forget that creating unique content can engage your employees, too, an important point that doesn’t always get recognised. By creating brand ambassadors from within your business reminds everyone about why they are doing what they do for the Practice.

Whatever patient engagement strategies you employ, the key is to remain consistent. Think about the brand messaging you employ as well as your Patient’s overall end-to-end experience. And if you give them a consistent (and extraordinary) experience, you’ll ultimately be rewarded with [...]

3 Most Important Aspects of Social Media Marketing


These 3 points, may sound obvious but you would be surprised by the amount of companies, that are not adhering to them!


1.  With search engines seeking to return the most relevant content with the highest quality, social media platforms have  become a valuable component for search engine rankings.  Blending your social media strategies with your SEO will drive your organic search results.

2.  Images are essential for the success of your social media marketing.  Great images help your content stand out.  The most popular posts and blogs contain clear, well placed images and result in the most social shares.  Properly labelling images with relevant file names and ALT tags will also strengthen your SEO and improve the accessibility of your content.

3.  Mobile matters more than ever! A growing number of internet users expect to access products, services, apps etc on their phones and tablets.  Your business needs to have responsive design in place that caters to a mobile audience in order to remain competitive.

Consistency is the Key!

A great way to build and maintain an active audience on social media is to share great content and do so regularly.  You really need to be writing up and sharing great, key word rich blogs, tips etc to add educational value to your social media community.

Just like most things in life, when people see you as a source of rich and engaging content, they will rely on you for more or the same.  If you add value to their knowledge, then they are not only likely to connect with you, but share you with their own followers and fans and even refer to you within their own updates and blogs.

Be consistent because social media doesn’t allow you to share great content one day then disappear for the next few months.  Your followers will decrease and people will find someone else to refer to!  You have to be consistent so that people will remember you.

According to recent research, 75% of the engagement you get on your posts happens within the first 5 hours.  After that, engagement pretty much dies off.  However, impressions hit their climax much sooner than engagement.  After just 150 minutes your post will have made 75% of its lifetime impressions.  Which means your post has made the majority of impressions it will ever make — in less than 3 hours.

This is the stat might shock you the most!  After just 110 minutes, your post reaches 75% of its potential reach!

If all this confirms to you that social media can be a minefield, let me help you!  Contact me to see how I can help your Business have the presence it needs!






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There is one more element that your social media sites should point to, and that is your blog. Your blog is “the world according to you.” It fills your followers in on any news, any technique or advanced clinical training you have. It has been proven that those who post blogs on a regular basis are the ones who attract and retain new qualified patients the quickest.

With the millions of people using social media, there are bound to be many who will be searching for a topic you have expertise in. This realisation could not be more timely or true than it is right now with Google focusing all their search results on local businesses. If Google, for example, knows a searcher is in Wirral it will display “dentists Wirral” with more priority than ever before. Those in your own local area will now be more likely to run across your blog posts, videos, articles, and other related information.
Your Patients Are Searching For Solutions

It is the dentist with the expertise who answers a prospective patient’s question who will be remembered. No, they may not call today, but when the need arises they will remember you. It is setting yourself up as the “go to” dentist so that down the road when someone needs you, they’ll remember you.

Photos Spark the Most Engagement on Twitter

Photos were the most common type of Tweet  in 2014 and caused the highest share of engagement.

• Photos made up 45% of sent Tweets, but accounted for 51% of all engagement.
• Links accounted for 37% of sent Tweets, but were only responsible for 26% of @replies and Retweets.

From this we can gather that visual content on Twitter drives engagement, and top brands are capitalising on this, while links under perform
in terms of traditional engagement metrics (Retweets, @Replies, and favorites).

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Foundations Of Your Marketing Messages

Here are seven components of a solid marketing message.

You can use these eight  in other areas such as titles or short messages (think Twitter). When you begin communicating your messages from your patient’s view, your marketing will become easier and more effective.

The Hook

Thisis how you grab the attention of your audience and make them want to consume the rest of your message. The hook understands the need to make an impact in a few moments to keep your reader from moving on. You can use it as a question, “Did you know?.” If you use this format, make sure the anwer isn’t “yes or no.” Make it more engaging. You can also use a revelation, something that isn’t common knowlege or something that could be bad if it isn’t changed.

The Promise

Engage your readers’ imagination. Here is where you bring in “what’s in it for me.”  e.g. In this video I’m going to show you…(immediacy) how to do…(value)…an outcome.

The Circumstance

Begin to link where your reader is today with the promise (read more here). Begin to quailfy if the message is for them… if you don’t like to smile in photographs, if you suffer with teeth sensitivity, etc. Build upon the promise here and start to hint at how the promise will help them remove themselves from the circumstance or move to a circumstance they prefer.

The Reason

Why should I pay attention? What are you going to tell me? What value is there for me? Here is where you begin the main meal. “The reason we’re here today…” Use justification. I’ve cured 60% of my patients from obesity isn’t interesting, that could be luck. Remember to include immediacy, what is the value now?

Ownership Experience

This should be the [...]

YouTube Video Optimisation Tips

YouTube has its own algorithm and there are some things you need to be doing that will help you get more views, exposure and make your video easier to find on YouTube.


1. You Need A Descriptive Title

YouTube is a search engine. You need to have the right title to get found for the right things. The title is the most important thing to consider. They should include keywords that you want to get found on their own and that relate to other titles that you want to be shown with.

 2. You Must Include Keyword Focused Description

This is your opportunity to include keywords and text to help you get found on Google and YouTube. Some people translate their whole video into text for extra emphasis and more keywords. You can do this too. But the most important thing is to add a keyword focused description that allows people to take a quick glance and want to watch more.

 3. Don’t Forget Appropriate Tags

Tags like on blogs help you get your content in the right area of YouTube. You need to choose the right ones.  If you get too many thumbs downs on videos your video will get buried. The same goes for the category. Make sure you choose the right category or you may be stuck in no man’s land.

 4. Never Overlook Links

This is something that too many people forget. You need to have a link back to your site in the first sentence of the description. You want to make it as easy for someone to head on over to your full site to learn more.